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For any seeking refuge in the triple gems: the Buddha, the dharma, the sangha.

Welcome to #buddhism

Buddha teaching a Sermon

#buddhism began as a channel on the Undernet Internet Relay Chat (IRC) network many years ago.

It is now linked via a relay bot to the #buddhism channel on a number of other networks.

The name of the relay bot is gem3 (a reference to the Triple Gem). Users on your local server will appear the same as usual, but users from remote servers will appear like <gem3> [net] <remote_user> Hello World! That is the bot, network name in square brackets, the user speaking, and their message.

There is a list of all the users on the #buddhism channels of the various networks at, because gem3 does not transfer the /who listings of users between networks. If you object to your nick being shown on this list, let nick appas know.

The idea of the channel is to support practicing Buddhists in their practice, and provide a place online to discuss Buddhism in a friendly, inclusive, relaxed environment. Think of it like a coffee shop next door to a monastery.

And what is right speech?: Avoiding speech that's false, divisive, harsh, or nonsensical. This is called right speech. When you have gathered you have two duties: Either Dhamma-talk or noble silence.

How to connect?

A screenshot of the browser based IRC client for the IRC network.

For IRC access, you'll need an IRC client. You can download an IRC client for your operating system, such as Hexchat (Cross-platform), mIRC (Windows), Colloquy (macOS), or irssi (command line). Alternately, you can use a web-based IRC client at or

Here is a direct link to IRC network's web access for #buddhism. It does not require any registration and you can be anonymous.

Which chat servers are included in the relay?

DarkMyst:       Port: 6697 (SSL) Abbreviation: [dkm]
EFnet:         Port: 9999 (SSL) Abbreviation: [efn]
EsperNet:          Port: 6697 (SSL) Abbreviation: [esp]
EvilNET:        Port: 6697 (SSL) Abbreviation: [evl]
IRC4Fun:    Port: 6697 (SSL) Abbreviation: [i4f]
IRCnet:         Port: 6697 (SSL) Abbreviation: [irn]
Libera.Chat:        Port: 6697 (SSL) Abbreviation: [lbr]
LunarIRC:       Port: 6697 (SSL) Abbreviation: [lnr]
Rizon:          Port: 6697 (SSL) Abbreviation: [rzn]
SlashNET:       Port: 6697 (SSL) Abbreviation: [sln]
SorceryNet:        Port: 6697 (SSL) Abbreviation: [src]
SpotChat:       Port: 6697 (SSL) Abbreviation: [spc]
Stardust:        Port: 6697 (SSL) Abbreviation: [sdn]
Umbrellix:      Port: 6696 (SSL) Abbreviation: [ubx]
Undernet:       Port: 6667       Abbreviation: [und]